I Ride Alone...on Wings of Steel...

Sometimes touch down to say hello....There's so many faces,it doesn't matter to me.

Oh as for me I have to go.......Oh you know it Babe I gotta go...

Here I stand ALONE,I feel just like a Clown,But there's No Smile Upon my Face..... Just say Good bye...  Just SMILE AND WAVE  GOODBYE...

Goodbye...... Goodbye

It's been Too long...I've been holdin ONTO You

Been even Longer since I've seen your face.

Outta sight....oooh..Out-of-Mind..

Tomorrow I'll be in another Place....You Know it Babe I Gotta GO !.....So here I stand alone  

So WAVE GOOD BYE...Just Smile and wave Good Bye...Good Bye.... GOODBYE..eeee


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The  Chris Kyle Band

Roxx Starzz: Chris Kyle Band #C.K.B.

Nations 1st TRIBUTE


The Chris Kyle Band Music Publishing Copyright Administration


In Various Now Famous Locations. He Sacrificed His Family - and Himself . UNLESS You've BEEN THERE ...You can't know the Feeling of WAR,Loss of Comrades,and the Torture you will endure Mentally .

FAMILIES are Too Often times the Victims of such Trauma. PTSD is REAL...

You must recognize your symptoms- Chris Kyle died every time he pulled that trigger......and was Killed February 2nd 2013. At Home on a Rifle Range while Helping another Marine overcome his Haunted existence.

PLEASE READ OUR LYRICS as you watch the Video posted....You'll understand a little more about what ALL  Military and Law enforcement FAMILIES Endure.

We Dedicate OUR SELVES to producing Music Honoring ALL who SERVED Past...Present...and Future and especially those before us.


FOREFATHERS.....and the Viet-Nam Vets Who Came home to fend mostly

For themselves, to a mostly UN-Appreciative America they were Proud to Represent......

 Before you Dis-respect your ever -rmindful  and be the LAST ONE to Laugh at that person who may seem "Crazy" to you.

YOU Don't Know what they may have been through.....Don't Underestimate the "Elderly"....... They Built the Country that allows you  in many ways to "VOICE" your Opnions. That are so often ( MOST) Often a product of dis-illusion.

SEMPER FI.......

Chris Kyle Band: Wave Goodbye Sniper Kyle

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The CHRIS KYLE BAND  also is Administrator of Copyrights and Promotion as well as Nationally acclaimed Songwriters.

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You Tube Video > 1st Published in 2013

was the Featured You Tube memorial

To the American Sniper -and Hero

Chris Kyle...SEAL Team #3 who Saved

Many American US Marine Lives and

W/O Regard for his own Life and Safety

Served Mutiple Tours