Chris Kyle Band: Wave Goodbye Sniper Kyle

               CCW  Training * Ohio Concealed Carry * NRA Instructor   

 NRA Instructor Ohio  Chris Kyle Band

Roxx Starzz: Chris Kyle Band #C.K.B.

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ROXX STARZZ and RoXX StarZZ Anonymous LLC ....The CHRIS KYLE BAND Music Publishing and Administration  for the Chris Kyle Band..........

Dedicate this Musical Tribute  to the Great Citizens and LOvers of Freedom  as well as Chris's Family and Brothers in Arms.  Please Enjoy this anthem knowing it was Created and Produced by American Veterans of the U.S.M.C.  / and Respectfully to our Brothers in Arms........The US Navy Seals

The Chris Kyle Band Music Production And Promotion / Song Writing / Demo Recording

Music Publishing Copyright Administration

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American SEAL /  American Sniper  CHRIS KYLE.... OUR Musical Tribute          

as an Inspiration  Published on YOU TUBE in 2013  IN  HONOR to Chris and his Family THIS his Music NOT available in the Movie!

Outstanding HERO and ALL who SERVE to Preserve AMERICAN FREEDOM and It's Values .....and their FAMILIES who Suffer in Silence, but are the MOTIVATION  and Reason........ The  Unwavering  Bravery  and BROTHERHOOD of those who KNOW the Feeling !